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Transport Medical Wheelchair with Handbrakes
Transport chairs make it easier for your loved ones and caregivers to help you get around in comfort and ease. Compared to standard wheelchairs, a transport chair requires a caregiver to push the chair. A transport chair is much lighter than a wheelchair; plus, it is more compact which makes getting around town easier.

This chair comes equipped with loop-lock handbrakes that are easy to operate and ideal for locking the rear wheels during transfers. It also has a seatbelt which keeps the passenger securely in place and it is compact when folded, making it easy to lift into a car or carry up the stairs. Weighs just 23.5 pounds and is equipped with a seat belt, comfortable nylon upholstery, full length permanent armrest, and detachable footrests

Breathable Nylon Upholstery
Comfortable wide seat (19 inches W x 16 inches D) with layers of reinforced upholstery for support.

Large Oversized Rear Wheels
Large 12 inch rear wheels for better performance on uneven outdoor surfaces.

Stows while On-the-Go
Back folds down into chair making it easy stow while traveling.

Equipped with loop-lock handbrakes, ideal for locking rear wheels during transfers.