Page: Commode Liners with Absorbent Pad

More than just a trash bag, this Medline Commode Liner has a gelling agent inside that simplifies the caregiver’s job.

It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. Why not make it a little easier?
The pad inside each Medline Commode Liner features an absorbent polymer that turns liquid waste into a solid gel. The result is less risk of contact with human waste, helps reduce odor, and easier carrying with no splashes or spills.
With advanced technology, your dirty work is a little less dirty.

Compatible commode buckets:

Medline Commode Liners are compatible with the following Medline commode buckets:

Commode buckets with lid and handle

MDS80306B and MDS80306BH

Replacement commode pails with lid


Replacement commode buckets for MDS89668XW


How to use our disposable commode liners

Step 1

Place the liner in the commode bucket. Make sure the top edge of the liner is folded over the rim of the bucket.

Step 2

The polymer inside the core immediately starts converting liquids to solids on contact, neutralizing odors.

Step 3

Simply toss the liner into the garbage after use.