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What drugs can be put in the Drug Buster® drug disposal system?

Drug Buster is effective for multiple forms of non-hazardous medications, such as:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Liquids
  • Suppositories
  • Creams
  • Lozenges
  • Narcotics

Are there any drugs that Drug Buster cannot accept?

Drug Buster cannot accept potassium supplements, antacids, gassing agents and hazardous medications.

Can Drug Buster drug disposal system accommodate transdermal patches?

Yes, to dispose of non-hazardous drug patches, avoid touching the medicine pad; then fold the patch in half, sticky sides together and place into the Drug Buster container.

What do I do when the container is full?

Simply dispose into regular trash. All federal and state guidelines require non-hazardous unused pharmaceuticals be rendered undesirable and unusable. Always review your company’s processes and policies or consult local, state, tribal or federal agencies for regulations that apply to your facilities*. The EPA offers a helpful website with relevant state contact


What standards does Drug Buster drug disposal system meet?

Drug Buster drug disposal system complies with non-retrievable DEA standards for controlled substances

Drug Buster also advocates for FDA ad EPA efforts for responsible drug disposal. Please refer to the link to ensure proper compliance with EPA laws and regulations

How does the DEA define “non-retrievable”?

The process utilized to render a substance “non-retrievable” shall permanently alter the substance’s physical or chemical condition or state through irreversible means and thereby render the substance unavailable and unusable for all practical purposes. A substance is considered “non-retrievable” when it cannot be transformed to a physical or chemical condition or state as a controlled substance or controlled substance analogue. Letter to Registrants regarding Disposal of Controlled Substances; Final Rule (PDF)

When do I dispose of Drug Buster?

Continue to add medication until it is one (1) inch from the bottle opening, then discard in regular trash*

How many pills will the product hold?

  • The 4 ounce Drug Buster can hold approximately 50 pills.
  • The 16 ounce Drug Buster can hold approximately 300 pills.
  • The 64 ounce Drug Buster can hold approximately 1,500 pills.
  • The 128 ounce Drug Buster can hold approximately 3,000 pills

What is the easiest way to load medications into the Drug Buster drug disposal system?

Click to slide the panel down or up

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